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Well Equipped and Furnished Office Space On Rent

At Servcorp, we provide the best rental office space solutions by creating a professional environment with the best technology solutions and team support.

To accommodate 1-10 people or to provide Virtual Office solutions there is no better alternative than Servcorp because we understand that it is not simply about a place to work. We are the answer to the small office / branch office / home office requirement because we realize clients require more than real estate, an address, or just phone answering, they need true IT and service solutions. Our success across the world is due to having developed a business that helps our clients make more profit, by providing solutions that deliver them more time to focus on their business.

Our well-equipped office space is the ideal choice for a company wanting the corporate presence, infrastructure and support of a multi-national without wanting to make the capital investment and commitment normally required. We provide the highest quality office space on rent and five star services to branch and project offices for multinational companies.

At Servcorp, we ensure that your office for rent is home to your business rather than just a location. Our fully furnished office space on rent is an appropriate offering for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as it provides them access to the best locations, facilities, technologies and people at the lowest possible cost.

As your business expands consider moving into your own office space, Servcorp can provide you an ideal professional set-up that will help you concentrate totally on your business without any hassles!


You can run your business from Mumbai and Hyderabad or in 140 locations worldwide

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