Tips to Make the Right Choice In Business Centres

A commercial space that offers a complete office infrastructure, managed by professionals that can be hired by businesses. These are called Business Centres. These spaces can be leased out to clients for short to medium term durations. The clients or the businesses that hire these spaces at the business centres have available to them a wide range of facilities. The business centres are flexible with their clients’ requirements and offer ease of conducting business. The specifications for any clients could be or include:

• Office area - How many square feet is required?
• A layout of the area
• Number of Work Stations
• Support facilities - Cleaning staff, canteen facilities, etc.
• Others facilities - Administration support, etc.

These are some of the facilities that can be provided at these business centres. The specific requirements for a client can be ready on day one. This gives credible incentives for businesses of all sizes to use such services. These Business Centres are usually in prime locations, near major facilities to aid businesses and clients.

Who needs Business centres?

Multinational Companies:

A Business Centre is an ideal space for multinational companies as it provides all the necessary facilities and services to start operations in a new market or city. These are attractive avenues for businesses because it takes care of most of the setup cost in a new city or market. The costs of hiring these spaces are marginal compared to actually buying or renting real estate and doing the necessary physical setup of the office. This also offers a cheaper exit from the said market in case the venture is unsuccessful.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs):

A Business Centre is an ideal space for Small & Medium Enterprises as it provides all the necessary facilities and services to set up operations. These Business Centres are in prime locations and help the businesses have a much more credibility when approaching new clients.

Start-Up Businesses:

There are a lot of startups are growing at rapid rates and they need space to house their business. A business centre provides the necessary facilities for them at low costs. These business centres are attractive because they have low setup cost and provide flexibly of movements.

Key factors to look at while choosing a Business centre

Meeting Rooms

A business, no matter the size, needs a meeting room as it provides a space to make key decisions. A meeting room also provides the members of a company to hold important discussions. A company can use this space at their discretion for the work of the company.

Executive offices

A well-built office space which displays the highest level of professionalism. It also gives the clients a canvas to set up the space as their company requires. All this without major hassles.


These elements include various aspects such as Housekeeping, Canteen services, maintenance facilities, receptions area and much more.

Technological facilities 

This one of the most essential facilities in today’s day and age. The availability of an internet provider, video and audio conferencing, air conditioning facilities, courier services, etc.


Despite all the other facilities being present, if the location is not good, then other factors don't matter. The Business centres proximity to essential areas within the city.

Business Centres are growing in popularity in India. They are emerging in metro cities and also the key business hubs in the country. Business Centres in India are an attractive incentive for multinational companies planning to enter the market. These office spaces are in prime locations and have access to most of the major business-related services. They are also attractive because of their low cost and ease of setup. They are also very attractive to local companies that need bigger office space to match their growth. These are also very convenient options for Indian companies expanding within India in new cities.

The above-mentioned points are some major elements required by a company to conduct its daily business. Hence these are some points that should be considered before finalising a Business centre. it is also key that all the factors are balanced as choosing a business centre based only on one factor could prove to be a risking decision.